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A "teacher heart" is the most valuable resource you have.  We can help you with the rest!


"I am so grateful to have this chance to come and learn about The One Room Schoolhouse.  I feel that this gave me the confidence to start my own school room.  I enjoyed it all.  I loved the flow and I felt everything I needed to know about was covered."


         -- Rachel

"Exceptional training!  Carefully and thoughtfully planned model for children of all ages.  It returns to core values and the founding principles that make a society great.  Abundant resources and support system for educators and parents.  A refreshing return to what an education should really look like."

          -- Amye

"The Hales were very thorough and open.  They have spent a lot of time working out all the kinks of the ORS and they have created a program that makes sense. I am so grateful they are helping others start this program."

          -- Krissa


Although a One Room Schoolhouse is not homeschool in the traditional way, in most states, those participating in a One Room Schoolhouse will need to follow legal guidelines under homeschool laws.  Although a One Room Schoolhouse is considered a supplemental educational service, it differs significantly in that it provides daily structured learning and social interaction.  It's the best of both worlds!


At the heart of every One Room Schoolhouse is a dedicated mentor.  It's a big job, but who better to take it on than someone personally invested in their own kids?!  Though all One Room Schoolhouses will have some things in common, each will be unique to those students and families it serves.  All One Room Schoolhouses include daily prayer and scripture, daily Pledge of Allegiance, weekly American History lessons, and at least one hour of reading at home each day.  The rest is up to you! 


That doesn't mean you have to start from scratch.   One Room Schoolhouse training will guide you through what it takes to operate a One Room Schoolhouse--everything from mentoring approaches and curriculums, classroom culture, legalities, and the nitty-gritty of every day. Training  also includes ongoing coaching through monthly trainings through your first year.  


Recently I had a phenomenal public school teacher tell me that a teacher's certificate wasn't what made her a great teacher.  She said her experiences in the classroom taught her what she needed to do to be a great teacher.  A teacher's heart is what makes a great mentor!  Great teachers mentor students, they don't teach lessons.   If you have a passion to mentor kids, you are more qualified than you know!  Let us help you realize your potential as a mentor! 

Ready for School
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