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We knew what we didn't want for our kids' education. We didn't want inconsistency, mediocre or low academic expectations, screen-time learning, mandated curriculum (such as our recently passed K-12 integrated sex-ed bill and CRT), nor did we want our kids to be isolated from their friends and instructors.

We knew what we did want. We wanted structured consistency, high academic and behavioral expectations, face-to-face quality learning, god-fearing and patriotic content, and GOOD FRIENDS for our kids!

 We didn't know exactly what to expect when we set out on this adventure, but the outcomes are even better than we imagined!


Outcomes we noticed within a short period of time:

*We were able to get a lot more done in less time.

*Students created friendships across grade-levels.

*Quality material led to student interest and motivation.

*All students worked at their own level all the time, this eliminated boredom and any false beliefs of anyone being the "class dummy."


Outcomes we noticed within the first few months:

*Even after a few months, students wanted to "go to school" every day!

*Students felt a One Room Schoolhouse was a safe place to learn, and previously anxious students were no longer anxious. We observed this in many physical manifestations.

*The focus on reading quality material showed positive results in all subjects.

*Students showed self-motivation to improve.


By Christmas, the positive results were so overwhelming that parents began to ask, "Will you consider doing this long-term?" On Valentine's Day, my husband and I found little notes from our 4th graders by our pillows. The notes were super sweet, but we noticed something else. Their writing ability, penmanship, and spelling had improved significantly since the beginning of the school year. We had this epiphany moment when we know we had to figure out a way to offer the same learning opportunities to more kids.


In a One Room Schoolhouse group, parents are, and always will be, the primary educators of their children.  Each One Room Schoolhouse is a supplemental educational service to support each family’s homeschooling efforts.  A coordinator/mentor organizes the group and students regularly meet in a classroom dedicated to education.  Students are mentored through the homeschool curriculum as well as participate in supplemental activities such as art, PE, and recess with other students.  Parents choose and purchase the curriculum according to the the One Room Schoolhouse group they choose, and retain the role as primary educator.  


In One Room Schoolhouses, families within a community come together and work together to ensure the quality education of their children--just like the good ol' days! "It takes a village to raise a child," and every parent has something to contribute in resources, time, and talent for a promising future for us all!


We have a world that needs changing. As Nelson Mandela says, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Let's do this!




3rd - 6th
The Bee House

Krissa Peterson.JPG

Kamie Bushman & Krissa Peterson

West Pasco

Cubs Haven

Amy Jennings-Birch.jpeg

Amy Jennings-Birch

South Kennewick

(509) 308-4882

K - 3rd Grade
Child Enrichment Center - Montessori Classroom

Sarah Taylor.jpg

FULL for 


Sarah Taylor 

West Richland

(509) 420-3442

3rd-5th History, Science, PE, & Art
Rise Academy

Stephanie Quillen.jpg

Little Learners Academy

Brandi Waites.jpg

Brandi Waites

West Pasco

(509) 760-8981

Upper Middle School-High School
Shining Light Academy

Jessica Perkins.JPG

Jessica Perkins

North Pasco

(509) 539-9789

Your One Room Schoolhouse Here!

Schoolhouse logo small.jpg

Stephanie Quillen

West Pasco

(503) 560-7071

What Parents & Students Are Saying:

(mother of 5th grader)

It's been a GREAT experience for us, best decision we made!


(mother of 5th grader)

At the end of a two week trial period, things were going great and we chose to stay.  C. has excelled, has made good friends and is gaining a fantastic education!


(mother of 6th grader)

H. was stressing less!  She looked forward to attending school.  Homework was no longer a chore; she desired to complete homework herself.

(mother of 3rd and 6th grader)

I can't say enough good things about Makala's school that's a One Room Schoolhouse.  They have both grown so much this year!


(mother of 4th grader)

The One Room Schoolhouse has exceeded my  expectations. At first I was  very against homeschooling, but once I  saw the growth of  my daughter, it has changed my perspective completely. She has come out of her shell and thrived  in so many areas . Her education has been amazing and the kids in her class have become like family. 


(mother of 4th grader)

A. made such growth in her personal life during that period of time, and a big part of it was what was expected of her at Glory Academy.

(6th grade)

I like how small my class is.  At my old school, there were 28 people in my class. That meant I didn't get much help in math which I didn't like.  I get help more often and I have improved in math a lot.  Overall, it has been amazing and I'm really thankful for it.


(6th grade)

First, you can have your own time with the teacher so that you can learn your stuff well and you can get it stuck in your brain... You can go on field trips every can get out of school almost two hours earlier to get homework done and that really helps.


(4th grader)

I have been able to make really good friends.  I have been learning lots, like the United States, capitals, presidents and good math.  We go on a field trip every month and they're not boring.  I love one room schoolhouses!

(4th grade)

One reason I like one room schoolhouses is that you can do anything you want, like go to Ginko Petrified Forest for a field trip.  Our field trips are fun, and we get to do one field trip each month.


(5th grade)

The one room schoolhouse is never crowded so we always get stuff down fast and we all get help.


(6th grader)

My favorite subject is math. Usually, I do not get pushed hard enough in math, and it's easy. This year though, I was able to finish a Pre- Algebra book in 6th grade! I really like this because I feel like I am getting more out of my education. School is also 2 hours shorter. This helps us to get more work done after school and have more play time.   You can learn so much from this school, so I ask you to sign up for a one room schoolhouse RIGHT NOW! It will bless your life, and you will have so much fun.


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