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Is there tuition? 

The One Room Schoolhouse is a supplemental education service for homeschool families and not a "school," there is no “tuition.” If you choose to have your child participate in a ORS, you are doing the equivalent of hiring a personal tutor for your homeschool student.  Each mentor determines the cost of his/her services so the fee varies according to ORS group. 

Is it legal?

The One Room Schoolhouse operates within homeschool laws.  As long as your state allows homeschool parents to hire a tutor, your student is eligible for The One Room Schoolhouse as it is a supplemental educational service.  The One Room Schoolhouse is not an accredited or credentialed school.  Each ORS coordinator is aware of local homeschool laws and can make those available to parents who are considering a ORS.   

Are ORS coordinators professional teachers?

Many mentors have earned teaching degrees and have had professional teaching experience, but not all.

Are One Room Schoolhouses affiliated with a specific religion? 

Having faith in God is a cornerstone of The One Room Schoolhouse model, however, no specific faith is promoted.  The Founding Fathers were adamantly opposed to a national religion as it would impose upon the rights of individual worship and The One Room Schoolhouse supports that stance.

Do I get to choose the curriculum for my child? 

Each ORS coordinator mentors curriculum specific to his/her ORS.  These curricula are reputable homeschool curricula which you as a homeschool parent will purchase.  Essentially, when you choose your ORS group, you are choosing the associated curriculum.

What about state standards and testing? 

Generally, state law requires incremental assessment for homeschool students.  Parents are responsible to have their homeschool student(s) assessed per the requirement unless exemptions are made.  Each ORS mentor is aware of and can help guide parents in their respective states.  

What is the difference between traditional homeschooling and a One Room Schoolhouse? 

One of the biggest differences is that students get to be with each other in a classroom setting regularly.  One Room Schoolhouses offer structure and consistency.  Students from several families meet together and work through homeschool curriculum together as a class.  A One Room Schoolhouse is a dedicated space with a structured schedule where lessons and activities take place for participating students.  One of the great advantages is that The One Room Schoolhouse model encourages students to be self-learners.  Accountability for academics is to oneself, classmates, and mentor.  This greatly eases the strain of the parent/child homeschool dynamic.  Like the one room schoolhouses of decades past, One Room Schoolhouses today offer a great support system and sense of belonging and community for students and parents.

How big are One Room Schoolhouse groups? 

Because One Room Schoolhouses take place in personal homes, the number of students per group ranges from 8-14.  The “small class size” allows for a very personalized experience for each student.  Coordinators are able to gauge how to challenge but not overwhelm each student.

What age levels are taught?

The grades and ages taught in a specific group is up to the ORS coordinator, but The One Room Schoolhouse model is adaptable to all grade levels.  Common groupings are K-1, 1-2, 3-4, 4-6, 5-7, 8-12.

What if my child is ahead or behind grade level? 

The One Room Schoolhouse model is perfect for your child!  Because there are several grade levels in each ORS, there is very little comparison between students.  Students quickly gain the understanding that they are all in a different place and moving forward.  One Room Schoolhouses are uniquely adaptable to meet the needs of students at any level. Curriculum is chosen and paced to fit the needs of each student present.

Do I need a degree to do this?

The One Room Schoolhouse model operates as a supplemental educational service (like tutoring) so a degree isn't required to run one.  Mastery of the subject matter would be what parents are looking for in a ORS mentor.  Organizational skills and a "teacher heart" are the most important attributes for a mentor to be successful at heading up a One Room Schoolhouse.  However, state laws often require a parent who homeschools to have a certain level of education, a GED, complete a homeschool instruction course, or be supervised by a qualified individual.  An ORS mentor will know what is required by your state.   Parents choosing to homeschool and have their student participate in a One Room Schoolhouse would be subject to these laws.  The One Room Schoolhouse training, as well as coaching through the first year, is designed to give confidence and support to those who have a desire to run a One Room Schoolhouse. 

What responsibility will I have as a parent? 

Homeschool parents are responsible to make sure their child is receiving a good education!  Coordinator/Mentors communicate with parents concerning student progess and welcome parent support in a variety of ways inside the classroom.  The ORS is perfect for parents who want a homeschool education and social interaction for their child, but want help making that happen.

How do I start a One Room Schoolhouse in my area?  

We would love to have you join us in giving the next generation a God and Country Education!   

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