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James and Makala Hales

We are the parents of 6 children in southeastern Washington.  We have always been passionate and prayerful about helping our kids reach their greatest potential. We have had growing concerns in recent years about their education. It took drastic circumstances to take such a leap of faith as creating a One Room Schoolhouse, but the results have been amazing--not only for our kids but for other kids as well. We are on a mission to offer the same opportunity to other students throughout the nation!  We believe the hope of our nation lies in giving our children a God-fearing, patriotic education.


James has a Bachelor's degree in graphic design and a Master's degree in Educational Leadership. He has been teaching seminary to high school students for 18 years.


Makala has a Nursing degree and a Bachelor's degree in Marriage, Family, and Human Development. Mostly, she just loves to learn and mentor kids!

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